Monday, September 27, 2021
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Will You Recycle Everything After Seeing These Photos?

At the present, environmental pollution seems to be the NO 1  killer. It affects more than 100 million animals worldwide. We can see it in the sea, in the air as well as on the land. It means we can see this destruction everywhere in the world.

People expect more facilities to live  comfortably. They do anything they can do to live comfortably. According to that, sometimes it is getting very harmful to the environment. For example we could see a lot of garbage, oil, plastics everywhere such as on the sea,rivers and land. The reason for this is due to  peoples activities.

In the world more than 100 millions sea birds and 100 millions animals are killed by environmental pollution which is caused by people every year.

So people have to change not to do such a thing to the environment. If it is so, people can expect happyful future. 

The photos given below show the heartbreaking incidents, and how innocent animals and birds are killed around the world. Also the photos show you what the thrashers can do for the world. So it is time to wake up, and collect thrashers whenever you see it.Let anyone to do so.

A little bit goes a long way. First you pick up a piece of thrash when you see it. Organize a recycling program in your town,school,class for your home, and Encourage everyone to do so.

Try to do your best for nature and nature will protect you. 

Albatross Killed By Excess Plastic Ingestion (North Pacific)

A Child Drinks Polluted Water From A Stream In Fuyuan County, Yunnan Province

A Stork Trapped In Plastic

Bird In Oil Spill

Boy Swimming In Polluted Water In India

Homeless Koala

Surfing A Wave Full Of Trash (Java, Indonesia – The World’s Most Populated Island)

Bird In Oil Spill

Bangladesh Landscape Filled With Trash

Landfill In Acra (Ghana)

This Crab Lives In An Old Bottle

Pollution In A ‘Dry River’ In Bali

A River In The Suburbs Of Mumbai

A Sea Lion eating a plastic bottle

Beijing In A Cloud Of Smog

Fish trapped inside a plastic glove

Birds neck and beak trapped in plastic 

Bird trapped to death

Sea turtle eating plastic

Trapped Duck

Try to do your best for nature and nature will protect you. 

Nature does not neat people, but people neat nature.We should understand it and keep it in mind well.

Credit(photo) goes to respective owners.



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