Tuesday, September 28, 2021
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Through People Activities Every Day In Tokyo The Artist Illustrates The Olympics

All major sporting events, festivals and other major events were canceled due to the current covid pandemic situation in the world. But the Olympics alone were not so canceled. In fact, it was planned to be held last year. It could not be held in the face of the Kovid epidemic in the world. But with the help of vaccines and other medical aids, the Olympics were held safely this year [2021] in Tokyo, Japan.

Hogan, who lives in Tokyo, says the Olympics are not just limited to stadiums and for  the Olympics  games. What does he really mean by that?Hogan, a talented artist, said he wanted to create a series of illustrations by watching a Japanese shopkeeper raise the shutters of his shop in the morning. The shopkeeper’s action reminded him of the weightlifting event at the Olympics.

He began to think continuously about the vision of this shopkeeper. Accordingly, he saw the daily happenings in Japan as being matched with different sports. This series of events led to his series of illustrations. These are, in fact, Hogan’s amazing, creative illustrations to give people a different perspective on everyday life.

As the Olympics became more and more popular in the world, his illustrations attracted more and more people’s attention. Also his art was exposed to the world. His art has been viewed and shared by many on social media.  For you too, we intend to present some of his creations. So check out his pictures below.

Leave your comments about this set of creations in the box below. If you look at it creatively you will understand that all these activities are sports.

More info & Photo courtesy: adrianhogan | Instagram | twitter.com | behance.net


















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