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Talented Artist Creates Attractive Animals Living In Reality.

Yee Chong is a Malaysian artist.He draws small animals realistically and uniquely digitally and presents them to the real world. People like to interact with such beautiful imaginary animals. At the end of this post you will also want to own a pet like this.

The artist has more than 93,000 followers on his Instagram. The number is increasing day by day. His favorite characters  are foxes. Take a look down below, how realistically he has created these little animals.

The artist gave Bored Panda a special discussion on how he began to create this,and the inspire he received for it. At first he was a graphic designer. But after about 5 years, he quit his job because his salary was not enough. He then started  freelancing. Yee Chong admits that he came up with the idea all of a sudden, and   that it started out as an experiment. “It was meant to be a test on my understanding of light and shadow, but people seem to like them a lot so I continued’ till now, ” he said. The Malaysian artist said he was impressed by the community’s response and was honored by them. The fact  “that people like them motivates me to produce more”.

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As a matter of policy, he revealed that he would like to live alone without pets and therefore his digital animals close to him. When he feels bored he turns to draw these adorable pets. “I will keep producing them as long as it brightens people’s days or cheers people up.”Bringing smiles to people’s faces, he is still engaged in this uniquely fascinating creation.



He creates these animals by imagining how they actually look in different backgrounds. The fox is seen as the main character in many of his paintings. His pets are shown in “everyday” conditions (anything that includes these pets can be described as “everyday”). When you see these pictures, you will say ‘Wow’ and you will want to hug them.




These live situations can be seen in a variety of ranges including reactions to food, jumping into the trash can, playing with different things, finding different things, and allowing the owner to hold on tight to himself.















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