Rufus is a very lazy kangaroo in a kangaroo sanctuary. The Patch Kangaroo Sanctuary is maintained by the Haywood family and Kim Haywood is the adoptive mother of the kangaroo. when he was rescued and brought to this kangaroo sanctuary, was 8 months old and named Joey. There are several other kangaroos with him in this sanctuary but he is different from the other kangaroos. That is because of his laziness. Although now he has been slightly grown-up, he always prefers to stay on a couch. So much so that he has the great desire like madness, to lie on a couch. He now lives in the Patch Kangaroo Sanctuary and resting on a couch with his new father, relaxing and leaning against the father, and how to watch TV you can watch the video below. 

Every evening this wonderful kangaroo comes through the back door. He does so because he can rest on the sofa in front of the TV. Getting this kangaroo to bed is not an easy task for Kym. This is because of his strong reluctance to get out of the sofa, his favorite place. The video also shows him lying on the sofa and when his adoptive mother said, “it’s bedtime” he is hiding his head.

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Rufus, The Rescued Kangaroo, Petting By Human Dad

The owners of this house gave grapes to get this kangaroo off the sofa. But this kangaroo took grapes and cunningly escaped and lay back on the sofa again. Because of this, his owners abandoned the idea of ​​owning a sofa. As the kangaroo grows, the further space on the sofa becomes less and less. When visitors come to the house, the homeowners tell them that Rufus’ place is reserved for him and that no one should sit there.

Rufus, The Rescued Kangaroo, Petting By Human Dad

Both of them have fun with this kangaroo every day and love Rufus so much that they make such sacrifices for him. When he was 8 months this kangaroo began to lay on the sofa, and Kym and Neil, the couple have reserved the sofa space for the kangaroo. Thought it was the most beautiful sight they had ever seen. Rufus is a special kangaroo, who loves the couches because he feels safe on the couches.

Rufus, The Rescued Kangaroo, Petting By Human Dad

When he watches TV from the couch, he sometimes falls into a deep sleep because he feels safe there. The human parents who adopt him then cover him with mattresses around him for his safety without removing him from the sofa. These parents do everything they can to make Rufus happy. When Rufus is on the sofa with his parents, he sometimes gently pushes them off the couch.


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