Tuesday, September 28, 2021
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Look At These Realistic Photo Edits Of Animals

The artist creatively presents to the world how you see things through art.  Art is done using different media using different methods. So if you are doing any art, you have to choose a suitable form of art for it. You also need to have the technical skills to work according to your perspective.

This artist follows his perspective to achieve his creative ideas and realistic editing sets. This artist,  Ronald Ong, can edit a photo in a very realistic way. He has created and edited some popular artifacts, by replacing and modifying animal bodies with other unusual foreign objects. Also, their appearance can be seen in a perfect collection.

When you see these photos, at first you do not understand the concept at once. But focus your attention on painting a white horse with black stripes by a girl to create a zebra. Ronald seems to have made it a reality.  He has an amazing ability to use and handle photoshop. He makes you believe these are real photos.   

When these amazing photos of him were released online, many people looked at them at least twice. His creations have been shared by unlimited internet users across all over the world on many social platforms.

We will show you some of the amazing works of art of this artist. Please leave your comments in the box below. Do not hesitate to share ideas.

More info & Photo source: Ronald Ong | Twitter | Behance


Image source ;-ronnaldong


Image source ;-ronnaldong


Image source ;-ronnaldong


Image source ;-ronnaldong


Image source ;-ronnaldong


Image source ;-ronnaldong


Image source ;-ronnaldong


Image source ;-ronnaldong


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