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Historical Pictures Edited Using Mr. Bean’s Face

When  studying the works of art in the world, you can find works of great classical value in different eras. These works of art, and their artistic and technical prowess are still being further studied. In those eras they have given the world new perspectives,  great works of art, and visions of life.

We can see that art comes to us in different forms and in different natures. In this article we will show you such a different art. Rodney Pike is one such artist.  He is a digital artist as well as caricature artist. He has created amazing and funny works of art through digital art. They are wonderful works of art that are different from mainstream illustrations or digital art in the way you think and hope.

He edited a collection of historical paintings [pictures of paintings], using the face of the   famous comedian actor  “Mr.Bean“. Although this action of his may seem strange, he has followed the same procedure. He edited the faces of these pictures, using the face of the comedian Mr. Bean, to change the perspective of the viewers.

You can see his skill in creating a single picture by combining parts of two different pictures. Pike balances color, dark and  light, shadow, and measurements to match the face of the painting, as seen in the original design.

He has carefully observed the style of drawing as well as the application of the painting in those historical  paintings. Edits the face in the picture, incorporating all the contents of the first painting,  imitating the style of art that has been honorably done. These edited, humorous pictures are shared online as a different art, and have been making  people smile all over the world. 

Here are some photos of his creations. Enjoy them. Leave your comments in the comments box below.

More info & Photo courtesy: Rodney Pike | deviantART





















(The credit of the photos, goes to respective owners.)



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