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Do You Like To Spend Your Time Or Your Vacation In A Village Like In A Fairy-tale?

Do you like to spend your time or your vacation in a village like in a fairy tale? Then you may visit the village of Giethoorn, famous as “Venice of the Netherland“. It was founded around 1230 is the kind most people could only green of…….

Tourists must leave their vehicles outside the village and have to travel here by foot or boat which have noiseless engines. Because there are no roads but only canals, well even 176 bridges.

You can feel how quiet it is there……….Even the village’s website says that“The biggest sounds you can hear are the sounds of a duck or the sound of other birds”. It is just like a fairytale village.

More info: (h/t: brightside)

there are no roads in the Giethoorn village


But this does not mean that there is no approach to get around

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The most usual mode of transportation is “whisper boats” with noisy engines.

So, the village is very peaceful…

Image credits: Dino Cutic

The biggest noise you hear is probably a duck (okay, when it’s not flooded by tourists, of course)

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Furthermore known as the “Venice of the Netherlands”, this mystic village was founded in 1230.

image credits: NLHank

Its first residents found numerous charcoal deposits and dug many holes over the years

Image credits: Magda Djm

Eventually, these spaces turned into ponds

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The recently created islands were connected to more than 176 bridges.

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This furnishes the village a fairy tale…

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