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Claude Ponti’s Amazing Topiary Sleeping Bird Sculpture

In some botanical gardens you have seen various plant sculptures made by using plants.This arrangement of shrubs and plants according to a certain shape for a certain period is called a topiary. This can also be described as a living sculpture  as well as an art. Usually small green leafy plants are used for this topiary.   At present sometimes wire frames are used to give the design the desired shape, But traditionally making topiary sculptures requires a well-acquainted hand and patience.

 Claude Ponti is a French artist and a author of children’s books.He created a large topiary using plants and metals at the  Jardin des Plantes Botanical Garden in Nantes, France. It is named as Poussin endormi (Sleepy Chick) . It is a topiary sculpture of a large sleeping bird.This shows Claude Ponty’s amazing skill in topiary sculptures.The bird has long slender legs and a bright yellow beak made of metal, as well as tiny eyelashes  on the bird’s closed eyes.

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More info & Photo courtesy: Jardin des Plantes


#2 Ponti has a brilliant talent in sculpting topiary and you can see it through this work of his

le poussin endormi et son coussin(explore Jun 29, 2014 #446)


Photo: Jean-Pierre Dalbéra (CC BY 2.0)

#4 And there are more topiary sculptures of birds that are fallen asleep in various ways

Photo: Jean-Pierre Dalbéra (CC BY 2.0)







h/t: [Laughing Squid]



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