Sunday, October 17, 2021
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Home Art A Jewelry Maker And Her 10 Year Old Daughter's Wonderful Seashell Art

A Jewelry Maker And Her 10 Year Old Daughter’s Wonderful Seashell Art

Many people like to go to the beach to spend time relaxy. Everyone loves the sea for sand, wind and ocean waves. Some people like to make sand sculptures with their children and some like trampling the sea waves as a hobby. Meanwhile some are collecting seashells while walking on the beach. Using these seashells can make beautiful necklaces, earrings and even any pretty ornament.

The art which is using seashells is a different kind of art and is done at the beach. Anna Chan who is in New York, is a very talented jewellery designer. In the lockdown period she and her 10 years old daughter spend a lot of time at the beach as they loved. Before they started to add seashells for their sand sculptures, Chan and her daughter made sculptures normally as any person would do. It looked very artistic. For the first time Chan created a turtle with sand and seashells. Utilizing Chan’s and daughter’s creativity, they create their art works by mixing in different types of seashells.

They are famous for their seashells on Instagram . If you want to find various seashells creations, Follow the links given below. We show you some of the pictures of their art works. So please see the artistic artwork that has been done by them and share your comment as well.

More info & Photo courtesy: Anna Chan | Instagram




















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