Saturday, October 16, 2021
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A Japanese Women Monami Ohno Pictures Of Amazon Boxes Transformed Into Intricate Sculptures(30 pics)

Even nowadays more people use cardboard as boxes for storage of many things. Everything like foods,home appliances, electrical items, etc. They package them in cardboard boxes. In art classes cardboard is used as a common medium . Monomi Ohno is a japanese artist who is creating artworks with cardboard using as a materials.She has succeeded in making craft out of cardboard. Ohno shared her art works over with more than 13k fans on instagram and mastered the cardboard medium and she could create wonderful sculptures from it. She includes some of her everyday objects, such as watches, common snacks and more complicated things like vehicles, robots, and characters from pop culture. They are all extremely detailed and look incredibly realistic. Artists had to pick up this method not out of passion for cardboard and it’s potential for arts as a material but out of necessity. 

Minomi Ohno is a student in Japan and Osaka school of arts. Due to a lack of funds to complete her school projects, she had to find another way. So she turned to the relatively cheap medium that could be reached quickly by buying from amazon.

See some of her creations given below and if you feel like that was not enough, Look at the previous list of Ohno’s cardboard arts.

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