If we were to ask someone where beauty is and could imagine you what would they say? Of course, they will say different things. “Beauty”, but we think, it belongs to nature. No matter who says that there is beauty in various things, but it is all in nature itself. The beauty found in nature is varied. When you look Everywhere, you can see the beauty of everything, in every place, in every living and non-living thing. In short, the beauty in nature is infinite. 

The beauty of nature amazes us in every moment, and by in everything. So we can find beauty anywhere in our lives, perhaps, that makes us invigorating. 

 We can see that beauty in a rural village as well as in town and also around our homes. All we have to do is breathe freely in nature and connect with it. Then the beauty in nature will come to us naturally.

One day a daughter of a Texan family was enjoying the beauty of the flowers in their backyard. As she was enjoying the beauty of the flowers, she saw a wonderful view of one of the roses in their flower bed. she saw a cute little lizard cub sleeping comfortably in a rose flower. She brought this rose to show her mother. This was a very happy occasion for them. They were surprised to see it. This made them feel like a cute baby lizard seen in a fairy tale or Disney story sleeping in a rose flower.

The mother of this daughter took some very rare photos from this scene. She said she had never seen such a scene in her life and will never be seen again. These photographs were posted on Imgur and amazed the people. So they became very popular in Imgur and were able to lodge in the hearts of millions of people with love.

image Credit: Cmycherrytree

#1. How cute is this? Would you look at this cute baby lizard sleeping so peacefully inside this rose? And oh my god that rose! I am in love with that color; those rose petals look like they are made out of soft satin!

Pictures Of a Baby Lizard

#2. It is amazing how the baby lizard fits perfectly in the rose! It must be pretty small to fit inside the rose petals! And it must be pretty comfortable sleeping on a bed of silky rose petals. Don’t you just wish you had a bed made of rose petals?  I am sure sleeping on such a bed would do wonders to the skin!

Pictures Of a Baby Lizard

#3. Is it just me or does it look like the baby lizard and the rose are made for each other? They really do complement each other!

Pictures Of a Baby Lizard

So, did you love this picture, we hope you can have the good fortune of stumbling upon such a cute thing yourself!


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