Tuesday, September 28, 2021
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A Collection Of Wonderful Photos Of Stray Cats In Japan

Of all the pets in the world, cats are the most preferred to be raised as pets. Domestic cats as well as wildcats and other wildcat species are also found. There are pets as well as stray animals. As  They have no owners or homes, Some stray cats live in cities and roam around the city.  

Wandering leads to a very bad lifestyle for animals. But in Japan, the situation is different. But  Japanese cats are in a better position than any other cat in the world. The reason to that’s because Japanese culture is so friendly to cats. So even if cats go astray, they are less likely to get into trouble.  

Many stray cats in Japan feed on fresh fish. Also Japanese people love cats a lot. Japan is a very clean country so there is no challenge to the lifestyle of these stray cats. The camaraderie between humans and cats is fascinating. People love to spend time with their pets. Also, stray cats live together with other cats in their area.

Masayuki Oki is a Japanese photographer who is interested in photographs of Japanese cats. He loves photography as well as cats. This is one of his favorite pastimes. He wandered the streets and captured these stray cats in his photos in a wonderful way. He has a large following on his Instagram. Many Japanese people as well as other people around the world love his work.

He wants to capture the emotions, habits, and subtleties of these cats through his photographs and show them to the world. He believes that those who look at the pictures of cats he has taken will fall in love with more cats. He told the Bored Panda that he took pictures of cats because cats could “heal” people with their cute little gestures. Below is a collection of amazing photos of street cats.  Check them out. Don’t forget to leave your comments in the box below.

More info & Photo courtesy: Instagram | okirakuoki.tumblr.com











































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