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40 strange laws in some countries

In the world we can see some rules that are used in different ways in their own country as well as  other forein countries. Looking at those rules of a country it might be weird for forein people who might not be natives in that specific country.

We can see the  differences of the law, from country to country.Few of the rules that looked weird in some countries are used below. 

Check them and  think how many rules that you have known there. Rank your favorite list, also you can comment down about any laws that seem to be weird.


It is illegal to pay with too much of coins in Canada


You can legally get fired in Japan if you are overweight.


In Greece high heels are not allowed at the ancient sites since their floor can be damaged.


In Victoria, Australia, if you flying a kite in public and it offends people. They can take legal action against it.


It is illegal to wrestle a bear in South Africa


In French public pools, Men are only allowed to wear swimming trunks.


Hawaii, Alaska, Vermont and Maine have banned the use of billboards considering the blocking of the view.


It is illegal to let your domestic chickens to cross roads or run about at large in public in Georgia


Before 2015, it was illegal in Japan to dance after midnight.


Kazakhstan, Belarus and Russia have banned lace undergarments which have less than 6% cotton in them.


In Capri you have to clean your dog’s mess. Or the government traces it back with DNA and you have to pay a heavy fine.


Some Spanish beaches doesn’t allow sand castles to be built.


Cyclists in Mexico cannot lift their feet off the pedals according to the law.


La Paz, Bolivia allows only one glass of Wine per day for married women. The government shows that it is to stop drunk flirting with other men.


If you disrupt a wedding, funeral or a religious event intentionally. You are breaking the law and that will cause you a penalty by a heavy fine or imprisonment.


In Oshawa, Canada you cannot legally climb a tree since it is considered as government property and you will have to face legal penalties if you do so.


In Monaco, Monte Carlo casino is prohibited to its citizens since it is reserved only for tourists.


You cannot hike naked in Switzerland.


In Belgium, you cannot cover your entire face according to their law.


Cambodia banned the use of water guns in their national new year festivals.


You cannot throw non-biodegradable confetti in Mobile, Alabama.


In china, you should take care of your elders. It is compulsory that you do so by law.


You are banned from any sort of public transportation if you have a contagious disease in the UK>


It is illegal to publicly dry off clothes in Trinidad. It can cause you to pay a huge fine or prison time.


Singapore doesn’t allow to import or sell chewing gum. The government explained that it was due to health concerns.

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