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21 Epic Shots Shows You That Parental Care Is Not a Simple Task.

Most valuable gift of the parents is a child. But the hard thing is how to care for them. It is not easy so you think

See some photos of parents living and spending time with their kids.

#1 When kids forget to sit properly

funny kid
© thegreatbarcia / Reddit

#2 The hardest thing is to realize that your kids are the same as you

like father like son
© fourg / Reddit

#3 Being a parent means going forward a mile in your life

father and daughter
© HeyjonA / Reddit

#4 Marrying a man raised by cats has its benefits

cat man
© SwirlStick / Reddit

#5 When your daughter reveal your secrets to the world


#6 At least he is learning how to clean a book with water

kid book
© The_Anti-Monitor / Reddit

#7 Anytime can be naptime, Even Santa knows

santa and a kid
© biggerstr0nger / Reddit

#8 However, the wedding was something funny

wedding dress
© I_AM_HE_WHO_IS_I_AM / Reddit

#9 It’s fine to lose your privacy as long as you are not alone

baby door
© atmospheric / Imgur

#10 Pets need to train you for kids, but this is too literal

© sethanold / Reddit

#11 You can at least be happy that he didn’t look for the milk powder

nesquik boy
© ImmaBadW0lf / Reddit

#12 Imagine this when you coming home after having a hard day

baby trash
© Mumster / Reddit

#13 Babies are loud!

decibel meter and loud baby
© DDario / Reddit

#14 Wow, The laptop is all pretty

crayons vs laptop
© craghawk / Reddit

#15 Kid get all the way up there, but how?

sleeping baby
© Unknown / Imgur

#16 “See, Mom. He drooped me home!”

horse and kid
© SeriesOfAdjectives / Reddit

#17 It is a rule to appreciate the kid’s energy.

baby and mother in the crib

#18 Girls do not like to sleep alone, but at the same time they have a very tiny bed

man on the floor
© gmlgp9868 / Imgur

#19 Here’s as one way to discourage your kids off of soda

fanta vs apple juice ft girl
© Fanie1157 / Reddit

#20 Girls are always masterminded

boys fight girl laughing
© Captain_Davey / Reddit

#21 Initially, it is the cutest thing you want to do, that the kids want to sleep in your bed

baby feet and mother
© kmynameis / Reddit

How about you?  The funniest moment of your parenting life?  Share your stories in the comment section below.

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