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13 Wonderful Animal Figures That Created With Scrap Metal

Powerful imagination and the ability to put it into action leads people around the world to create the most amazing thing.  Perhaps it will be a small  thing. Maybe this is something that can change the world.

Matt Wilson is a talented artist based in Carolina. His products using scrap metal are a very creative concept. He uses nothing else for this purpose. He produces these designs at his company,” Airtight Artwork“. Jacob Kent assists in creating his products.Wilson creates animal figures in a very precise way. These will amaze you.That is correct.  If you really have a scrap metal drawer in your house it has the potential to turn it into a very cute animal figure.

The metal debris you throw away, such as forks,spoons and keys,and other scrap metal is a treasure trove for Wilson. With using these, he created birds and other small animals. They are in great detail and  very clean and visible. You will be amazed at how amazing these  detailed animal figures are.

Initially, he only created animal figures, but at the suggestion of a friend, the background and the host for mounting the images were made of wood. These new additions brought a lot of beauty to the  creation and added value to it. As a result, they went on sale as soon as they hit the market. If you want to know more about these amazing  creations and where to buy them, check out his website. 

Photographs of animals made from these scrap metals have attracted a lot of attention on the Internet. Also, the photos have been shared all over the world. We present to you a collection of photos of some of these creations. Check them out and don’t forget to leave your comments in the comments box below.

More info & Photo courtesy: Airtight Artwork | Facebook | Instagram














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